MKU Becomes the First Private Sector Company to receive the ToT of Driver Night Sight for T-90 Tanks from DRDO A Driver Night Sight for T series Tanks

MKU Ltd., a global defence and homeland security company, is the first private sector company to receive the TOT of Driver Night Sight for T-90 Tanks from IRDE, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, for their Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight.

A Driver Night Sight for T series Tanks and BMPs that truly empowers soldiers

DELHI, INDIA: MKU Ltd., a global defence and homeland security company, is the first private sector company to receive the TOT (Transfer Of Technologies) of Driver Night Sight for T-90 Tanks from IRDE (Instruments Research & Development Establishment), DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organisation), Ministry of Defence, Government of India, for their Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight.

With an aim to provide platform optronics solutions like Driver Night Sight (DNS) for tanks and other armoured vehicles for Indian armed forces, the DRDO observed the need to partner and get on board private defence and homeland security companies. “MKU was a willing candidate to partner and form a synergy with DRDO for manufacturing the Driver Night Sight for T-90 tanks in India,” said Vaibhav Gupta, Director, India Business Development at MKU. “The goal has been to develop a device that is also compatible with other T series tanks, BMPs [Boyevaya Mashina Pjehoty or ‘infantry fighting vehicle’], and other armoured vehicles. We are hopeful of the Netro TD 5100 as a successful risk reducer for the Indian Army, as well as armies across the world. The device will not only empower soldiers, but also help us contribute to our PM’s vision of achieving $5 Billion in Defence Exports, with its immense potential.”

Why MKU?

DRDO found MKU a suitable applicant to partner with for transferring the technology for driver night sights for T-90 tanks due to the befitting infrastructure, R&D and production capabilities of MKU. They observed MKU’s global footprint and presence in over 100 countries along with its experience of successfully armouring over 3000 platforms, its infrastructure spread out over 4 manufacturing facilities, spanning over 4,00,000 square feet, across India and Germany, and its in-house R&D Centre recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, India. MKU has built a steady and growing reputation for ‘Making in India, for the World’.

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How many Tanks does the Indian Army have?

The Indian Army has more than 2,000 T-90 ‘Bhishma’ tanks, more than 120 ‘Arjun’ tanks and approximately 2400 older T-72 tanks in over 65 of its armoured regiments. Besides India, there are over 3300 T-90 tanks and over 12000 T-72 tanks with military forces worldwide.

What will the Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight do?

The Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight enhances the situational awareness of tank operators by accurately analysing the contours of the terrain, especially during full night operations, which are a significant challenge faced by tank commanders and operators who operate without such sensors. This driver night sight offers enhanced viewing capabilities and operability to tank operators with their thermal and optic sensors while moving or manoeuvring in formations, or when carrying out operations with ground forces and dismounted soldiers. The Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight also enhances the detection range of tanks manoeuvring at faster speeds thereby enabling them to detect and recognise the presence of friend or foe entities, i.e. artillery guns, infantry troops, weapons, engineering equipment, AAD (Army Air Defence) guns or other equipment, to allow the tank commanders and crew to take better decisions at safer distances.

The Technology of the Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight

“The fusion technology used in the device combines the power of uncooled thermal sensors and day optics to deliver instant visibility in pitch dark conditions, through dust, fog, or smoke,” said Prachi Gupta, CEO of MKU’s optronics business. “It can pick up beacon lights and thermal images simultaneously. This can be a lifesaver for those operating the tank at night, and those around the tank, but also when driving during the day through visual impairments.”

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In addition, the device is smartly designed to remain a minimal maintenance solution that form-fits on to existing T-90 platforms without the need for cutting through the armour. It is also compatible for use with all T series tanks, BMPs and other armoured vehicles.

Additional Optronic Solutions being introduced by MKU

Alongside the Netro TD-5100 Driver Night Sight for Tanks, the following 2 new soldier optronic devices will be introduced by MKU at Defexpo 2022 (India’s flagship defence exhibition, which will take place from 10-14 March, 2022).

Netro NB 3100 Aviation Night Vision Goggles (NB 3100 ANVG)

The NB 3100 ANVG are designed for pilots to help them easily navigate the aircraft during Nap-of-the-earth (NOE) manoeuvres while flying at very low altitudes to avoid enemy detection and attacks in a high threat environment, or while flying off, or landing at night or during pitch dark conditions in dangerous environments.

Netro NH 3000 Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

MKU will be introducing the advanced NH 3000 Panoramic Night Vision Goggles which feature a high-quality Image Intensifier sensor and specialised hybrid optics to deliver a 100° Field of View (FOV) to the user against a Field of view (FOV) of 45° provided by binocular night vision devices. This greatly enhances the situational awareness of the operator in tactical scenarios.


About MKU

MKU Ltd. is a global defence and homeland security company on a mission to empower heroes. They are one of the leading solution providers for advanced optronic and ballistic protection solutions for soldiers and platforms for military, paramilitary, homeland security, police and special forces. With a customer base in over 100 countries, MKU strives to empower heroes, who stand in the line of duty, through their smart solutions that deliver confidence. Their operations are based in India and Germany. They have provided protection to over 3 million soldiers and 3000+ platforms, across 230 forces, till date. Their Kavro protection solutions offer enhanced protection for soldiers and platforms, using smart technologies, design and features. These include combat helmets, body armour, ballistic shields as well as ballistic solutions for naval, air and land platforms and vehicles. Their Netro night vision and thermal devices provide excellent detection, identification & recognition capability to soldiers at night to enhance their night fighting capabilities.

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Their products are tested and certified by leading labs and agencies in the world including National Institute of Justice (NIJ), USA. Their facilities are AS-9100-2009 and ISO 9001-2008 certified in addition to the much coveted and stringent BA 9000 certification. They follow the NATO AQAP quality standards and are also registered with International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). Their R&D House is recognized by the Government of India and they aggressively invest a sizable portion of their annual turnover into research and development activities. They also hold more than 10 patents in India and abroad.

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